Barker-Hammer Assoc, Inc. Stay Safe Plan

We are OPEN!

  1. It is always suggested to be safe and air on side of caution.
  2. Be aware and courteous of others.
  3. If you are ill or uncomfortable with coming in the store curbside pick-up will always be available.

Protective Precautions Staff and Customers should abide by

  • Wear a Mask
  • Keep 6 feet between you and others at all times.
  • Wash your hands after every customer interaction.
  • Use hand sanitizer if you cannot wash your hands.
  • Disinfect surfaces you touch.

Other Precautions and Protocols

  • All employees are advised to wash hands, social distance, and wear masks.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes are available at the counter for customers and staff
  • Anti-bacteria soap and hand sanitizer is provided for staff in the bathroom.
  • Clean and disinfect your workstation daily. That includes, phone, keyboard, desk, light switch, and any other surfaces you touch.

Currently, we are not holding any classes or events with groups bigger than 10.

We hope to get back to our regular schedule in October.


When doing business with the service department call 952-641-3249 before you arrive. This way the service department can get parts and anything else you need ready for you to lessen the time of the interaction.

  • When you arrive go to the East door with the steps and call 952-641-3249
  • Wear a mask when interacting closely.
  • The service department will disinfect your equipment before working on it.
  • Keep 6 feet between you and others at all times.

Thank you for your corporation, we are all in this together. . . Stay Safe.