Preventative Environmental Cleaning

Considerations for Coronavirus (COVID 19): Disinfectants and their usage, application and personal protection equipment.

We are doing our best to keep Personal Protective Equipment, Disinfectants and equipment in stock.

At Barker-Hammer we are continuously staying on top of the CDC guidelines to fight
against the coronavirus by researching and getting in re-stock and new items.

How to Fight COVID 19 at Barker-Hammer Assoc., Inc?

HydroForce Backpack ULV Fogger

This backpack fogger is 11 pounds (empty) and holds up-to 3-gallons of product. Strap it on your back, plug it in, and your ready to spray disinfectants. It is most effective in ranges of 20 – 25 feet and produces fine droplets of 10 – 50 micron droplets.

Viruserv Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer

The 5-in-1 battery Electrostatic sprayer holds 4.2 gallons of disinfectant solution. The tip of the sprayer electorally charges the solution to adhere to surfaces at a 360º rang. Ensuring better coverage. With a flow rate of 10.5 gallons – 1 gallon per an hour depending on the one of 5 nozzle applicators you can attach to change the flow rate and application. This machine is versatile.


Nitrile, thick 6 mil, high quality and black. Come in M – XL sizes and 100 to a box.

Shockwave Disinfectant & Cleaner

Clean as it disinfects. Concentrated formula. Hospital Disinfectant, broadspectrum cleaner and disinfectant. Cleaner | Disinfectant Sanitizer | Detergent Fungicide | Deodorizer | Virucide | Mildewstat EPA Registration No. 61178-1-73884. Made by Fiberlock Technologies.

Bioesque Disinfectant Solution

Professional grade disinfectant with a pleasant grapefruit and lemon grass scent.
Works on hard and non-porous surfaces no wipe necessary, safe on food surfaces and non-toxic. EPA Registered. Broadspectrum. EPA Registration No. 87742-1-92595. Available in gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon drums.

Face Masks

N95 & KN95 Disposable masks, 3M Full Face and Half Face respirators with P100 Filters.

Benefect Botanical Disinfectant Wipes

Botanical disinfectant wipes are foaming, large and durable. Safe, non-toxic disinfectant.
Prevent cross contamination and disinfects in 30 seconds killing 99.9% of germs. Ideal for quick cleaning of non-porous surfaces such as counter tops, desks, PPE equipment (non-alcohol based disinfecting wipe). Deodorizes and disinfects with no streaking and no rinse required. 250 count in each container.

Sporicidin Wipes

Sporicidin has created a Broad Spectrum wipe that cleans, disinfects and deodorizes. They are safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-staining and non-abrasive. OSHA Compliant EPA and FDA Registered. EPA registered as the lowest toxicity rating in its category. Neutral pH. 180 count in each container.

Tyvek Suits

Shieldtech 30 suits are general-purpose protective coveralls that provide liquid splash and particulate protection. Breathable, lightweight material.

Shieldtech 55 suits are durable, quality protection with a polyethylene barrier film. Nonwoven, thick material for chemical protection.

25 suits per case, sizes and prices vary.

Hand Sanitizer by CTI

Keep your hands clean with ‘Clean Hands’ Hygienic Spray; 16 ounces of hand sanitizer made with lavender oil.

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