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Odorcide Thornell Ox Erase

NEW! from Odorcide – Ox-Ease

Harnessing the Power of oxidation with a pleasant scent of apricot.
Odorcide Now has the power to remove pet stains.
Same great deodorization capabilities with oxidizers and a pleasant Apricot scent.
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Stone Pro Products

StonePro – Professional Care Products for Stone

Everything for Maintenance and Restoration of natural stone, tile, concrete and terrazzo.
Floor Restoration, Sealer & Enhancers, Problem Solvers, Polishing Products, Cleaners

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Spinergy Diamond Impregnated Pads

Spinergy Pads

New and Improved!
Diamond Impregnated polishing pads. The superior panted technology produces the best results and are easy to use. Spinergy pads are chemically free. Just add water and start polishing. Just add water.

17″ Spinergy Pad | Each | 200, 400, 800,1500, 3000, 8000, 11000 Grit
7″ Spinergy Pad | Each | 200, 400, 800,1500, 3000, 8000, 11000 Grit

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REV Pads

7″ and 17” REV Diamond Flat Pad

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Botanical Multi-Surface Cleaner

RMR Botanical

Ready-to-use, streak-free formula. No rinsing or wiping. Simply spray on porous and hard surfaces.
Natural solution, odor neutralizer, leaves no harmful residue behind.
Organic plant-based extract from thyme, rosemary, lemongrass and other ingredients. Stops odor causing bacteria.

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HydraMaster RX 20 Nextgen

HydraMaster – RX-20 Nextgen

New and Improved RX-20
Better ergonomics, built in crevice tool, smooth wheels and more cost-effective design.

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Evolution Stair Tool Wand

HydraMaster – Evolution Stair Tool

10″ Head, Single Jet
Smooth Glided Airflow
Designed to Reduce Fatigue
Molded Head for Airtight Fit

HydraMaster Evolution Upholstery Tool

HydraMaster – Evolution Upholstery Tool

Smooth Glided Airflow
Increases Water Recovery
Designed to Reduce Fatigue
Molded Head for Airtight Fit

Sapphire Scientific 370SS Truckmount

Sapphire Scientific 370SS Truckmount

NEW! Sapphire Scientific Truckmount.

  • Carbon fiber style details and backlit control panel.
  • 23 HP Kohler Engine Operating at 3000 RPM
  • Gardner Denver Tri-Flow® Tri-Lube 406 positive displacement blower.
  • Vacuum to 13” Hg and flows up-to 317 CFM
  • General HTXS1813S with an electric clutch operating up-to 1,500 psi and up-to 3.4 GPM at 1478 RPM.
  • Last Step Chemical Injection System
  • Waste Tank Size Options: 90 Gallon or 120 Gallon

Now available at Barker-Hammer Assoc, Inc. See it on display.
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Sniper – Flood Pumper

  • 24 gallon
  • 3 Stage Vacuum Motor
  • 40 GPM flow-through pump
  • Auto pump-out works continuously
  • Pumps out 40 gallons per-minute
  • 24 Gallon Flood Pumper

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Dri Eaz LGR 6000Li Dehumidifier

Dri-Eaz 6000Li

  • Best performance in compact dehumidifier
  • Water Removal AHAM 100 pts per-day
  • 330 CMF

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