Air Scrubbers & Monitoring Systems

These air scrubbers and monitoring systems work well for air treatment in the following settings: Schools and daycares, fitness, golf course clubhouse, city and municipality buildings, salons, dentistry and clinic offices, entry apartment or commercial/retail spaces, and more.

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Ozone & Hydroxyl

Odorox Hydroxcel Units

Hydroxyls is a natural accruing ion produced in the atmosphere with disinfecting properties 2.5 times stronger than chlorine and 33% more effective at oxidizing pollutants than ozone and it is pure and harmless to it’s environment. Hydroxyls Eliminate bacteria, mildew, mold, noxious gases, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in indoor environments.

Odorox Hydroxcel Global Cornavirus Outbreak PDF

Odorox BOSS XLS 3
Deodorizes and decontaminates large areas up-to – 2,500 Sq Ft.
Designed to be used with an AirMover.
3-Optics | 25 lbs | 11.12” x 20.25” x 20.25”

Odorox BOSS
Built in adjustable fan from 250 – 500 CFM
Deodorizes and decontaminate up-to 2,000 Sq Ft.

More information on the Odorox BOSS

ATP Monitoring SystemSure Plus
Handheld hygiene monitoring system.
Reassure you preformed the cleaning process properly by testing your swab on the job and allows for any creative action to be done immediately.

More information on the ATP Monitoring SystemSure Plus

Dri-Eaz Air Scrubber HEPA Filters


HEPA 500 Air Scrubber

Part Number: F284
This portable high efficiency air filtration device restores and maintains In-door air quality.
250 – 500 CFM
Daisy Chain Up-to 4 Units for 2000 CFM
Amos 3 A, 115V, 60 Hz
Duct Outlet Size 8”
Accessories: 10” Lay-Flat Ducting – HF 16740755 , Yellow Ducting w/Bag – HF AC517
26.2” W x 24.6” H x 18.2” D
Weight: 44 lb
First Sate Pre-Filter – F270, Second Stage Pre-Filter – F271, Activated Carbon Filter F397, HEPA Filter F321
Xactimate Code: WTRNAFAN

Dri-Eaz DefendAir HEPA 500 F284 Manual

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Velo HEPA Air Scrubber Kit

Part Number: F518
The Velo HEPA Air Scrubber kit converts your Velo or Velo Pro into a HEPA Filter – No tools needed.
Filters: Pre-Filter for Velo HEPA Kit – F520, Velo HEPA Filter – F519
Xactimate Code: Replacement HEPA Filter, Velo HEPA System Kit

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Phoenix Air Scrubber HEPA Filters

Phoenix Air Purifier

Phoenix Guardian R HEPA System

HEPA Air Scrubber – Reduce Liability improve your environment.
NEW! Purafil Antimicrobial Filter | HI N1 kills 99.49% | Staphylococcus Albus Kills 93.78%

Part Number: 4031350 – Red, 4031460 – Blue
4 Air changes per an hour
250 – 500 CFM
2.4 Amps
Voltage 110-120
Duct Outlet Size 10” Lay-Flat Ducting
10” Lay-Flat Ducting – HF 16740755
22” W x 14” H x 24” D
Weight: 33 lb
Pleated Pre-Filter 1 x 18 x 18 – 4031877, HEPA Filter 2 x 18 x 18 – 4031864, Carbon/Potassium Filter – 4031878
Xactimate Code: WTRNAFAN>

Phoenix Guardian R HEPA System Manual

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Phoenix Guardian – Air Scrubber

Part Number: 4024848
1400 – 900 CFM (2 – Speed)
12 Amps
Built in Manometer
One air change less than one minute in a 12’ x 14’ room
Takes Multiple intake and exhaust options 10” – 18”
25” W x 39” H x 25” D
Weight: 121 lb
Polyester Pre-Filter 24” x 24” x 1’ – 4023374 , Pleated Pre-Filter 24” x 24” x 2” – 4023375, Carbon Filter 24” x 24” x 2” – 4023487
Xactimate Code: WTRNAFAN>

Phoenix Guardian HEPA Manual

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