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Multi-Sprayer 1
Electric handheld sprayer. Adjustable spray tip. Great for medium to large surfaces, bathrooms counter tops and more.

Multi-Sprayer-Electric Sprayer
2-gallon spray assures and even and fast coverage rate.

multisprayer cordless

Multi-Sprayer, Cordless Sprayer

This is a great sprayer for covering large areas when disinfecting. The Cordless Sprayer is mounted on a cart with wheels and an adjustable handle and comes with 2-2 gallon solution containers. Great for use on medium to large surfaces, walls, bathrooms counter tops and more.

Electrostatic Sprayer

Electrostatic Sprayer
The Electrostatic Sprayer ensures even coverage when applying disinfectants. The Electrostatic sprayer electrical charges the droplets coming from the spray head causing it to naturally attract to surfaces and move against gravity covering surface at a 360º range.

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