Learn the proper process for detecting, decontaminating,
pricing & marketing for Meth Decontamination.

Meth Decontamination Specialist Training

Proper education is key to your success whether you are adding Meth Decontamination Services to your existing remediation or crime scene business or starting a new business focusing on Meth Clean Up services.
In a hands on, multimedia, two-day training this intensive course will provide you with knowledge and know-how to decontaminate meth labs and user sites effectively using the latest scientific data, products, and processes. Use your new found knowledge to communicate confidently with your clients, impress local officials, and become the decontamination expert in your area.

Apple Environmentals two-day course teaches you:
• the background of methamphetamine
• meth labs and their creation
• the dangers involved inside a meth lab property
• site safety
• performing a site assessment