December 11 & 12, 2018
Registration – $349
Instructor: Bob Merkt

What You Will Learn:
Bob’s approach to learning is hands on. You will be running the equipment setting up the situation and performing the cleaning demonstrations with Bob.

Geology of Stone:
What’s the difference between natural & man-made stones.

Flooring Types:

Marble, Serpentine, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx, Granite, Slate
Ceramic, Porcelain, Quarry, Saltillo and terra Cotta, Terrazzo, Concrete and more.

How to Identify Floor Types:

natural .vs man-made – names and categories.

Cleaning Solutions:

Alkaline & acidic cleaners where and when to use them. Floor coatings, sealers, protective finishes and more.

Science of Cleaning

Hands-on Cleaning:

Learn how to use all the necessary equipment, materials and supplies to properly.

Natural Stone:

Learn how to diamond grind, hon, and polish marble, granite and other workable stones plus powders and liquid polishing procedures to include Crystallization.

Counter-tops, Showers, and Vanity Restoration

Man-Made Tiles:

Learn how to restoratively clean ceramics, porcelain, quarry and other man-made tiles.

Flooring Installation & Failures:

Preexisting conditions, lippage, halo/shadowing, scratches and installation related issue that can get you in trouble.

Safety -Equipment, PPE, Signage & Labels.

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